California a Leader in Bike Facilities

California, Bike Lane Central

According to a recently released report by the Alliance For Biking & Walking, California is leading the country with its bicycle facilities. This report, which ranks the 52 largest cities in America by the miles of bicycle facilities per square mile, puts San Francisco at the top of the list with 7.8 miles of bike facilities per square mile. Not only that, but six California municipalities are in the top 20: Long Beach is number 3, Sacramento is 11, Fresno is 12, San Jose is 16, and San Diego is 20. The state should be proud of itself, and continue to work to be at the forefront of sustainable transportation.

The Importance of Advocacy

Bicycle advocacy in California is multifaceted; there are the neighborhood advocates, volunteer-run advocacy groups, local affiliate coalitions, Bike to Work and Bike to School organizers, organized rides like bike parties, and of course, the California Bicycle Coalition for state-wide policy. Our collective voices are very strong and very powerful. And they are paying off with extensive bicycle facilities.

As advocates call for better bikeways, more people are biking. While it’s not easy to measure rates of biking and walking, the American Communities Survey shows that more people are biking and walking to work.


Congratulations and thanks to everyone who has helped make California a great place to live, work and bike. Keep us moving forward by joining CalBike today.

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