Take Action for Better Bikeways!

The Protected Bikeways Act has passed the Senate. Let’s make sure that Governor Brown signs it!!

Sign our petition, which we will present at the end of the day on Sept 3. Here’s how to contact the Governor’s Office directly:

You can email his office through his website.

You can call his office at:

(916) 445-2841

Or you can send a letter to him at this address (with suggested text below — though of course feel free to amend and personalize it!):


The Honorable Edmund Gerald Brown
California Capitol Building, Ste. 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814


Dear Governor Brown,

I am writing to express my strong support of AB 1193, and to urge you to sign it.

Bicycling has doubled since 2000 in California, but still only 1.5% of Californians bicycle for everyday trips. Most people are still too afraid to ride a bicycle on streets with car traffic, and studies indicate that 60% of Californians would consider bicycling for transportation if they felt it was safe. This is crucial when 40% of all trips are under two miles – the perfect distance to ride a bicycle.

People know that bicycling makes them healthier and wealthier. Public demand for modern bicycle infrastructure is growing. Local officials are responding by creating more bike lanes and building more bike paths, but state restrictions on bikeway design prohibit the best kinds of bike facilities: protected bikeways. To make matters worse, an unusual state law requires strict conformity to Caltrans bikeway design guidelines even on locally owned streets and roads, effectively prohibiting protected bikeways everywhere. The recent State Smart Transportation Initiative (SSTI) review of Caltrans expressly recommended “legislation to end the archaic practice of imposing state rules on local streets for bicycle facilities” and further urged Caltrans to “adopt modern guidance as laid out in the NACTO Urban Street Design Guide.”

AB 1193 ends the prohibition on protected bikeways by lifting the requirement to adhere to Caltrans’ outdated guidelines, implementing the SSTI recommendation. It will encourage the development of the safest kinds of bikeways that are accommodating for everyone ages 8 to 80, and will lead to millions more bike trips every day and lead to millions more bike trips every day. Specifically, it amends sections 890-891 to do the following:

  • It gives cities and counties the same freedoms and the same responsibilities for local bikeways that they have for local streets and roads by permitting guidance other than Caltrans’ guidance, provided that guidance adheres to standards “established by a national association of public agency transportation officials.”
  • It defines protected bikeways in the law by adding a new “class 4” “separated bikeway” to the three existing types: bike paths, bike lanes, and shared bike routes.
  • It requires Caltrans to develop standards for “class 4” bikeways, but only after consulting with its advisory committee for people with disabilities.

AB 1193 is supported by almost every local bicycle advocacy organization in the state:

Bike Bakersfield

Bike East Bay

Bike Walnut Creek

BIKEable Communities

Chico Velo Cycling

Delta Pedalers Bicycle Club

Inland Empire Biking Alliance

Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

Marin County Bicycle Coalition

Napa County Bicycle Coalition

People Power of Santa Cruz County

Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates

San Diego County Bicycle Coalition

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

San Luis Obispo County Bicycle Coalition

Shasta Living Streets

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition

Women on Bikes California


AB 1193 is also supported by the following agencies and organizations:

Cities of Long Beach, Los Angeles, and San Jose;

California Park and Recreation Society;

American Academy of Pediatrics, California District IX

This is an important bill that effectively permits cycle tracks and other kinds of protected bikeways on local streets and roads throughout California and which encourages Caltrans to develop such bikeways on state-owned highways, as well. I urge you to sign it.