CBAC gets new charter, seeks fresh start

The new charter approved by Caltrans last month promises to envigorate the Bicycle Advisory Committee with new members and more representative discussions. Historically self-appointed, CBAC’s discussions have been dominated by whomever shows up without careful attention to representing the diverse views of bicycling advocates. The new charter will change that, with members appointed by Caltrans from the following groups:
  • statewide bicycle advocacy organizations (2)
  • other statewide nonprofits including at least 2 representing local government (3)
  • local or regional bicycle advocacy organizations (3-4)
  • state government agencies (3)
  • regional or local government agencies (3-4)
  • statewide nonprofit representing youth (1)
CBAC’s voice is important. Be a part of it. Get an application to join the committee by emailing Deborah Lynch and myself.