End of year – Better Bikeways


Amelie Le Mouillac, 24, was heading to work on Folsom Street on the morning of August 14 when a truck turned right in front of her without looking. She died on the scene.

Thanks to strong advocacy by the SF Bicycle Coalition and a sympathetic staff at the city’s Municipal Transportation Agency, city officials quickly installed a buffered bike lane on Folsom Street.

Amazingly, though, buffered bike lanes aren’t approved for general use in California. They’re considered “experimental.” In San Francisco it took a tragedy and officials willing to bend the rules to protect future bicycle riders on Folsom Street. But throughout California local agencies are hindered by a glacially slow process to approve new bikeway designs that are proven to save lives and increase bicycling.


That’s just wrong and we’re changing that with your help. CalBike is translating the urgency of local advocates to the state officials at Caltrans. Buffered bike lanes and even more importantly, protected bike lanes, must be approved for use in California right away!

Thankfully we have developed strong relationships with Assembly member Phil Ting and Secretary of Transportation Brian Kelly. I met with both of them earlier this month in preparation for a legislative effort next year to break open the dam that’s holding back development of protected bikeways in California. I’m happy to report they “get it” and that 2014 should bring good news about local agencies’ freedom to develop protected bikeways and other innovative, safer designs.

But we’ll need your help implementing. It’s a huge amount of work shepherding a bill through the Legislature and we need your help.

Your donation of $30, $50, or $100 today will help to make sure we win this important reform to bikeway design.

Together, we can triple bicycling in California and start a snowball effect to make the joy of bicycling a common experience throughout California.


Dave Snyder
Executive Director
California Bicycle Coalition

P.S. All donations made in December are being matched by a generous Board member, up to $15,000. Please don’t let us leave money on the table. Donate $30, $50, or $100 today and double your impact.


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