Extraordinary Session to Raise Big Transportation Dollars

Having won the fight for better bikeway design, your California Bicycle Coalition has been focused on funding in this legislative session, pushing decision-makers in Sacramento to significantly increase the state’s investment in great bicycling projects that connect communities. We had an early win in May when the Assembly championed our ask and proposed adding $25 million to the Active Transportation Program, but that proposal was put on hold along with many others for Cap-and-Trade funds when the state budget was adopted on June 15.

Then just last week, the Governor added another twist by directing the Legislature to convene an extraordinary session. Typically reserved for crisis issues, this session will debate raising the gas tax and other ideas for new revenue to address a big gap in funding to fix our deteriorating roads and bridges. With $3 to 6 billion at stake, this special session is the biggest opportunity in a decade to find revenue to build connected bike networks.

As we know, “fixing” our roads requires more than just re-paving over cracks and potholes. It means redesigning them and restriping them when they are rebuilt to improve bicycle and pedestrian mobility and safety. This extraordinary session on transportation will take place over the next several months, and your California Bicycle Coalition and our allies will be hard at work to ensure that any new funding makes a major investment in increasing bicycling.