Final Victory in Our 3-Feet Campaign!: CTCDC approves a “State Law Pass Bikes 3 feet Min” Sign!

The California Bicycle Coalition’s campaign to win more safety for bike riders on shared roads by instituting a three-foot passing rule can celebrate passing the last significant milestone with approval last week of a traffic sign telling motorists to pass bicycles at a minimum distance of three feet. The Governor’s signature on AB 1371 signaled victory for our Three Feet for Safety campaign after nearly a decade of advocacy, starting with two bills introduced but defeated in 2006 and 2007 and two bills passed by the legislature but vetoed in 2011 and 2012.

  1. Win the “Three Feet for Safety Act” to require motorists to provide at least a three feet buffer when passing a bike. Check.
  2. Promote the new rule through massive mainstream media coverage, a social media campaign, and the distribution of more than 20,000 bumper stickers and window clings with the support of an automobile organization. Check, check, and check.
  3. Get approval for a new traffic sign that local agencies can install wherever motorists most need a reminder about the law. Check.

With the approval of this sign, we can now declare victory in our campaign to win the Three Feet for Safety Act! Thanks to Assemblymember Bradford, Caltrans, and the thousands of bike advocates who wrote letters and steadfastly supported Three Feet for Safety since 2006!
Pass 3 Ft Min sign mockup

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One thought on “Final Victory in Our 3-Feet Campaign!: CTCDC approves a “State Law Pass Bikes 3 feet Min” Sign!”

  1. jrg says:

    I guess this is a victory in a bicycle-hostile world, though it’s still marginal. I still can reach out and touch the mirror of a car passing me.

    Most of the world has accepted the standard of four feet (1.2 metres).