Get Social With CalBike

It’s a pretty well-known fact that email as an outreach method is dying off, and social media is quickly taking over. So, we have a very simple ask. Can you follow us on social media?

Twitter is most likely the most powerful tool we have to connect directly with our members, as well as with California’s elected officials. Follow us on Twitter to get involved with tweeting campaigns to your state representatives, to pile on in hashtag takeovers like this year’s #BikeSummit, and to stay involved with the #BikeCA community as a whole. 

Facebook is our main outlet to get CalBike and our allies messaging out to our constituents. “Like” the California Bicycle Coalition page today. Remember to interact with us: because of Facebook’s algorithm, the only way for you to see our posts is by liking, commenting on, and sharing our posts. So, give us a share!

Facebook has a lot of other benefits, too. We have two community groups, California Bicycle Advocates and the Bicycle Awareness License Plate group where you can engage with other California Bicycle Coalition supporters. You can take surveys directly on Facebook, donate, subscribe to our events, and find super shareable images of your representative’s voting record from this past legislative session.

See you online.