Hit and Run Alert Bill

Hit and runs are a big problem in the City of Los Angeles, where 20,000 hit and run crashes occur annually, resulting in over 4,000 injuries. People walking and biking are disproportionately affected, accounting for 75% of those severe injuries and deaths. Assemblymember Mike Gatto, a Los Angeles representative, seems to be doing everything within his power to stop this epidemic with two bills: AB 1532 to raise the fines on hit and run offenders, and AB 47 to allow your California city to use the Emergency Alert System to find hit and run offenders who injure people on our streets.

Using the Emergency Alert System has proven to make real change in Colorado and it will be a big step in ending California’s hit and run epidemic. Advocates are so excited about this bill that in 5 days more than 29 organizations wrote support letters for this bill’s passage, including our affiliates and local projects:

Bike Bakersfield
Bike East Bay
Chico Velo Cycling
Marin County Bicycle Coalition
Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition
People Power of Santa Cruz County
Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates
San Diego County Bicycle Coalition
San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
San Luis Obispo County Bicycle Coalition
Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition
Shasta Living Streets
Women on Bikes California

When we work together, we win. We look forward to further working with Assembly Member Gatto to ensure this bill’s passage.