Legislative Update 9-23-15

The California Bicycle Coalition is the sponsor of Assembly Bill 1096, authored by Asm. Chiu and coauthored by Asm. Harper, to update regulations on e-bikes, which is currently on Governor Brown’s desk. Electric bicycles are a great option for parents of young children, senior citizens, people with certain disabilities, delivery workers, and people whose trips make riding a traditional bicycle impractical. Right now, outdated laws keep e-bikes off of most bike paths. This bill redefines e-bikes as bicycles, and allows slower e-bikes on bike paths, while preserving local control. Tell Governor Jerry Brown to sign the e-bike bill into law today.

AB 8, the Yellow Alert Bill, authored by Asm. Gatto creates a statewide alert system following a hit-and-run incident after a person has been killed or has suffered serious bodily injury. It passed and is on the Governor’s desk ready to be signed. Many victims of hit-and-run crashes are walking and biking, especially in low-income communities. AB 8 is an important protection for all Californians.

AB 28, authored by Asm. Chu, requires that a bicycle operated at night be equipped with a red reflector, a solid red light, or a flashing red light on the rear, is on the Governor’s desk awaiting signature.

We support Assembly Bill 40, authored by Asm. Phil Ting and Asm. Marc Levine, to keep access to state bridges free for people biking and walking. The bill is ready to be signed by the Governor.

AB 744, Introduced by Asm. Chau and Quirk, coauthored by Asm. Gonzalez, and Senator Beall reduces minimum parking requirements for certain affordable housing developments in transit priority areas, is another important bill that encourages less driving and more walking, bicycling, and transit use. This bill which could be a hugely positive impact on our built environment is on the Governor’s desk ready to be signed.