New CEQA Guidelines to be Released at the Summit

Chris Ganson of the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research will be attending to present an early view of the new guidelines for CEQA analysis. Summit organizers created a special session so that participants can get this early look at the new guidelines that will eliminate automobile congestion as a consideration in environmental review. This drastically reduces the cost and time it takes to implement a simple bike project.

This change to CEQA guidelines has long been a priority of ours. We were thrilled when AB 743 changed the rules but frustrated that it took OPR so long to implement the change. Will we be thrilled again when we see the fruits of Mr. Ganson’s work to navigate varied interests and craft a transformational change to the guidelines? Ganson will be joined by Steven Cliff, Sustainabilty Director of Caltrans in the session titled: “A paradigm shift for CEQA – Changing Level-of-Service to Vehicle-Miles-Traveled in Traffic Impacts Measurement” scheduled for Sunday, October 25, at 4:00 p.m.