San Diego Became a NACTO City

BikeSDBikeSD, the San Diego affiliate non-profit advocacy group that formally launched as an advocacy organization a mere eleven months ago, successfully worked with San Diego city staff and officials to encourage the city to become a member of NACTO. Ensuring that San Diego became a member city of the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) was one of the organization’s goals for its first year. CalBike Members are well aware of the long list of challenges that have prevented the state from adopting design standards that acknowledge that fleshy beings transport themselves on bicycles on our city streets. These challenges have been a hurdle to successfully implementing the better bikeways campaign. While Caltrans has been slow to respond to the growing voices demanding a less auto-centric focus on city streets, cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego have been working to figure out solutions that work for their residents and visitors alike. San Diego now, with BikeSD’s help, is well on its way to undoing the decades of needless harm that its stroads have wrought on its unsuspecting citizens.
-Written by Sam Ollinger
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