Sonoma Becomes First County to Back Anti-Harassment Ordinance

On March 12, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors took the first step towards adopting the Vulnerable Road Users Ordinance.  Without any further objections, the ordinance becomes law on April 11. Bicyclists and pedestrians who are assaulted and harassed on the road in Sonoma County will soon be able to bring civil suit, providing a new tool to confront dangerous road users and reinforce our right to the road.

The Vulnerable Road Users Ordinance is the brainchild of the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition. Modeled off the Bicyclist Anti-Harassment Ordinance first adopted in Los Angeles and later by Berkeley and Sunnyvale, the Sonoma ordinance was amended to cover pedestrians. Their “Protect Us All” campaign has the goal of getting the Vulnerable Road Users Ordinance adopted in every Sonoma County city as well as for unincorporated county.

They already have success; Sebastapol adopted the ordinance in December. The City of Healdsburg is currently considering a version of the ordinance as well.