Why I’m Biking Climate Ride

Bicycling for me has always been about ideals. I  bike because I believe in the right to clean air, clean water, and clean transportation for all.  As an intern at CalBike, I’ve been working for this future. And now, I’m gearing up for Climate Ride, a four day cycling trek to propel the movement for climate change justice and raise funds for a cleaner Earth. I need to raise $2190 by May 17th (I have $610 so far) in order to participate. This money will go towards the ride and CalBike.

I am most excited about meeting the other folks who will be biking alongside me. To be surrounded by environmental activists and bike advocates for four days sounds pivotal. I plan to learn from and organize with the people that I meet, and hope that other projects will spring out of this ride.

I’ve been interning with CalBike for almost five months now and it would mean so much to me to feel supported by the members. You can donate to my fund by clicking here. I would be so grateful and you would know that you’re not just helping CalBike, but also a young environmental activist who will continue to work for a more sustainable and just world.

-Jenna Spagnolo

Support Jenna today on her Climate Ride adventure.