Thirty seconds for more bike funding

There are billions of dollars at stake this summer as the legislature decides how to spend cap-and-trade auction revenues. The California Bike Coalition has endorsed the Sustainable Communities for All proposal that would put these funds to use fighting the number one source of climate pollution – transportation – while helping communities throughout California achieve our goals for health, prosperity, and equity.

It’s a proposal we’ve endorsed as part of a powerful coalition whose members agree that we need to transform our communities for sustainable transportation. The right investments will create “bicycle habitat” where affordable housing and jobs are more accessible and where multiple transportation choices reduce car trips.  We need to show state leaders that Californians expect them to take advantage of this incredible opportunity!

We need to show that those in Sacramento for the Transportation Choices Summit are just the tip of the iceberg. They represent hundreds of thousands of others: rural residents waiting hours between infrequent buses; children who have to dodge high-speed traffic just to walk around their neighborhoods; and working families who face a no-win tradeoff between unaffordable housing and long, expensive commutes.

Can you click here and sign right now, so we can show legislators the huge support for walking, biking, public transportation, and affordable housing near transit?

Your help is critical to building the strong statewide movement we need to transform transportation in California. Thank you for taking action today.