could be integral to enforcement of three-foot laws, and could help CalBike’s campaign.

On a vast desert highway outside of Las Vegas, Craig Davis wove his bike through the detritus that littered the shoulder of the highway. A truck quickly approached. helps CalBike’s Three Feet for Safety campaign helps CalBike’s Three Feet for Safety campaign

The driver chose not to move over to the left lane and instead, narrowly passed Davis. The driver was breaking Nevada’s Three Foot law, a law that was barely enforced.

Davis snapped a photo of the offending vehicle and came up with a plan that has the potential to transform enforcement of three foot laws around the United States.

In response to this and too many other illegal close calls, Davis and his colleagues have created a website called Here, bike riders, allies, and other stakeholders will be able to connect and agitate about unsafe drivers, as well as advocate for and educate about 3 Foot Laws around the country.

The website is brand new. The services offered on the website include:

  • Memorials and injury reports to mourn those lost and highlight those hurt by unsafe passing.
  • A National Incident Database, where members will be able to upload reports of illegal passing incidents and search the database to see if the vehicle has previous incidents. People can upload photos, video, documents, police reports, witnesses, and other data to identify dangerous locations and repeat offenders.

  • Community Forums to encourage communication among cyclists, drivers, and others to share knowledge

In the future, there will be:

  • An Advisory Council of stakeholders including cyclists, cycling organizations, and corporations employing drivers and truckers.

  • Cyber workshops by experts from a myriad of backgrounds, including cycling, law, technology, government, and trucking.

  • Online courses to educate drivers, especially commercial drivers, along with corporate certification programs.

It is free to upload memorials and injury reports. Community membership for all services listed above is only $10 per year.

The California Bicycle Coalition is investing heavily in driver education about the Three Feet for Safety Act. Part of CalBike’s campaign is to get Caltrans to approve a new traffic sign reminding drivers of the law. Executive Director Dave Snyder attended the last meeting of the California Traffic Control Devices Committee and began the discussion about the need for that sign. can help by telling the public about the worst locations where education is needed most.

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