Oakland’s Cities for Cycling Road Show

When your local traffic engineer says “my perspective is broadened” it’s a good sign. When he says it with a smile on his face while riding a shiny new Public Bike, it has the potential to really change things for the better in your city.

Ade_JonahMeet Ade Oluwasogo, Oakland’s chief traffic engineer who happily participated in the National Association of City Transportation Official’s 9th Cities for Cycling Road Show this past April in Oakland. Ade got to meet Mike Amsden of the Chicago Department of Transportation, Ryan Russo of New York City Department of Transportation, Nicole Freedman of Boston Bikes Program, and the NACTO leadership team, as part of a 2-day intensive workshop learning how these cities are designing innovative bikeways. Ade and a large team of Oakland traffic engineers, planners, department heads and elected officials discussed the many challenges and needed policy changes for a city where 7,000 people bike commute every day. They focused on Telegraph Avenue, where Oakland is currently planning parking-protected bikeways.

Bike East Bay and Walk Oakland Bike Oakland hosted a VIP Reception at the Road Show and invited our Executive Director Dave Snyder to introduce Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty, who announced that California has become the 3rd state in the nation to endorse NACTO Guidelines for bikeways and streets.

Dave Snyder & Malcolm Dougherty

Dave Snyder & Malcolm Dougherty

Caltrans’ endorsement is a big step forward, but much work remains to pass AB 1193, The Protected Bikeways Act, and to formally adopt better bikeways designed to be inviting for all users from ages 8 to 80.

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