Tribute to Andy Clarke

We wanted to take a moment to applaud Andy Clarke after his announcement last month that he is moving on from his role as chief executive of the League of American Bicyclists. A leader in American bicycle advocacy for decades, he was effective as an agent embedded in the Federal Highway Administration and as an outside agitator at several nonprofits. His was a soft-spoken advocacy—with a diminishing English accent. 

Andy rose to leadership at the League in May 2004 and helped to steer the venerable, and sometimes traditional, organization into the future. He was a social change advocate, not just a bike advocate, so he helped to broaden the League’s priorities to include not just those in service of the 1% of cyclists who liked to ride in traffic but also the majority of Americans who would like to bicycle but require better infrastructure. He withstood a “Reform the League” backlash and grew the organization into an effective lobbying force on Capitol Hill. The annual Bike Summits remain the mostpowerful gathering of bicycling advocates in Washington, D.C. Most recently, Andy presided over the League’s latest new direction with the establishment of the Equity Council and the Women Bike program.

We are looking forward to his next chapter.